There aren’t many places like the Salvation Army’s Lyman C. Kimball Music Conservatory. Tucked in the mountains of Jasper, GA at Camp Grandview, this Music and Arts Conservatory was established nearly 30 years ago with one thought in mind: growth.

See, when you have a group of 48 twelve to eighteen year olds from all over the state of Georgia learning to live, worship, and make music together for four weeks- beautiful things happen. 

Our campers move into small cabins with 12 beds and 3 showers. Learning to live and get along with peers from various economic backgrounds (we have kids that are homeless, comfortable and everywhere in between), and various ethnic backgrounds (Hispanic, Korean, Jamaican, etc) , you see growth in maturity, acceptance, and compassion.

Our campers are challenged in music theory and sight reading, brass instruments, theater and dance, guitar, chorus, piano, etc, depending on their selected major. Through their intense studies, you see growth in skill and technique which has brought young people to collegiate music scholarships time and time again.

Receiving three healthy and hearty meals every day provides many with the nutrition they need to grow strong healthy bodies that they don’t receive at home. 

Swim time, basketball, four-square, camp fires, entertaining night programs and trips to Six Flags and White Water give them opportunities to laugh and create bonds from which grow lasting and life-long friendships.

Coming together each day in Bible Study and classes to worship God helps them to grow spiritually, deepening their relationship with Jesus that will go with them as they return to their homes and environments and remind them that they’re not alone.

When a young person attends Kimball Music Conservatory, they leave feeling more confident, skilled, nourished, and loved than when they arrived. Through their four weeks together, they grow into better versions of themselves, ready to bring what they learned back to their homes, back to their corps, and back to their communities to share with others. They become the leaders that teach the up and coming generations. They are more than the future- they are the PRESENT.