With the exception of scheduled free time, all students will attend every activity on the daily schedule including meals, classes, rehearsals, programs and meetings.  Should a need arise that makes such attendance impossible, this absence should be cleared through the Conservatory Director.

Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and narcotics are not permitted on the Conservatory grounds at any time for any reason.  Any person found in possession or using any of these substances will be dismissed from the Camp.

Students are to remain on the camp grounds at all times unless otherwise instructed by the Conservatory Director.

Fireworks, lighters or matches are not permitted on the camp grounds at any time.

All students are in a setting for young adults and naturally will be expected to act accordingly.  This demonstration of adult maturity will be particularly necessary in matters such as neatness of personal belongings, and assisting with the cleaning of the Cabins.

In consideration of others, at call to quarters, loud talking and any other disturbance will cease until 7:00 am.

The only dorm room in which any delegate is permitted is his or her own.  At no time may males be in female cabins or vice-versa.  If for any reason the student has the need to visit anyone else’s living quarters, he or she must first consult the Conservatory Director. 

Cell Phones are not permitted on the Camp GroundsPortable stereos/MP3 Players/IPODS may be brought to camp but are for use in your own room. Any equipment you bring to camp is brought at your own risk.  The camp assumes no responsibility for any personal items brought to camp that may become lost, stolen or damaged.

When changing classes during the day, please remember that other camps are in progress.  You are encouraged to practice your instrument whenever possible, but use discretion when near other classes.

Program Staff and Counselor rooms are off limits to students.  If a specific need arises in which such a visit is necessary, prior consultation must take place with the Conservatory Director.

Any student needing to make a phone call will need to confer with the Conservatory Director.

Fighting, disrespect for others or crude language is inappropriate behavior and should never occur at the Conservatory.

The Conservatory Director reserves the right to terminate the course for any who infringe the above guidelines.