For Parents and/or Guardians

 For the safety of our campers, no one is allowed on camp grounds without prior notice.

We invite family to visit on recital nights (dates listed below)

If a family member wants to take their child to dinner on Recital nights, that is permissible.  However, the Conservatory Director will need to be made aware of this ahead of time so that we can expect the parents' early arrival. This would be best if this was in written form-via email to the Conservatory Director.

If family is coming only to attend the recital they do not need to notify us ahead of time, but can arrive no earlier than 6:30.

Parents/Guardians will need to sign out their child if they are taking them off of camp grounds.  Please go directly to the main camp office and your child will be paged to the office.

Parents/Guardians may only take their child off of camp grounds with prior approval.  No student may leave with another parent/guardian.

No one is allowed to drive on camp property while camp is in session. Please park in the parking lot (across the street) when visiting. 

No one is allowed in or around the cabins, excepting the campers/staff members assigned to them.

These guidelines are in place for the safety of all campers in our care. For the protection of students, all parents and visitors must 'check in' through the main camp office.  Any visits must be approved by the Conservatory Director and should be notified in written format-via email from the parent/guardian/corps officer.